Thursday, 4 September 2008


Hi! Welcome to my blog. I'm passionate about the importance of birth to women, babies, their families and the whole community. A good birth where the woman is in control throughout, where she is allowed to birth in peace and dignity is an empowering start to her role as a mother and for the family unit. Strong women create strong families and strong communties around them. Women who have given birth their way, being supported not overrun, feel they could move mountains. Women who have terrifying out of control births that seem like living nightmares come out broken and full of self doubt. Even women whose births seem to go well but for whom everything is done without their involvement are missing out on the empowerment that can make a real difference to their lives.

I look forward to sharing views with you.
your sister-in-birth


DrBex said...


This is fabulous. You have huge reservoirs of wisdom to share with so many and as someone who's not had a baby yet you're a great source to send friends to who are expecting and need guidance. Now I can direct them to this site and it will all be here for them to read!

I'm so proud of you.

Your sisiter-in-everything,
Bex x x

thejenbug said...

Hi Cathy, what a great idea to start a blog! I plan to call you for advice when the time comes for me to have a baby or two, and now I can find out more here. Hope you and your clan are all well.
Jennyanydots x

Joanna said...

Women of the red tent unite! Well done Cathy! Anyone who reaches this site will get something positive out of it! And new mothers-to-be will be in a safe pair of hands with your knowledge and experience to guide them!

Your own family is a credit to the woman you are!

I'm proud to be your friend and Taswell sister,
Jo xxx

Midwife Valerie said...

Hi Catherine

What a great idea!

Do you mind if I post some events happening in MK?

Antenatal Exhibition - Free Entry
Sunday 21st September 2pm - 4.30pm
Guildhall, Christ The Cornerstone Church, Central Milton Keynes

LINk 2 Health & Care Exhibition
Monday 27th October 10am - 4pm
Middleton Hall, Central Milton Keynes

Parents Information Day - Free Entry
Tuesday 28th October 10am - 4pm
Middleton Hall, Central Milton Keynes

Antenatal Exhibition - Free Entry
Sunday 2nd November 2pm - 4.30pm
Guildhall, Christ The Cornerstone Church, Central Milton Keynes

For more details of all the events contact
Valerie Gommon 01908 511247

Valerie x

your sister-in-birth said...

No problem Valerie. I'll look in my diary to see if I can come to your antenatal exhibitions.