Friday, 1 January 2010

Nappy New Year!

The start of a new year! This time last year I did not expect to be expecting! 2009 was a year of ups and downs. As I transferred all the birthdays on my new calender I noticed there were no births of close friends or family. Two cousins had babies. However I lost my uncle (cancer) and my friend lost her baby (at 17 weeks pregnant). And M and I found ourselves pregnant.

Despite my stretching stomach and the alien wriggles from inside I still cannot believe I am pregnant and going to have another child. It is so hard to equate the bump with the four individual human beings that are my children. With each of them it has felt a true miracle to look at this whole human that grew inside me.

I have finally conceded and bought some maternity trousers - and was grateful to find some under the bump ones. I am now a little more comfortable around the waist. This is not going to be a small baby - not that any of mine have been small. However I cannot believe I have another 3 months to go. My innards are feeling very squashed - I have terrible heartburn and indigestion and can only eat small meals. I am already getting kicked in the ribs! Mind you I don't want to complain about having a growing, healthy, active baby.

I am not concerned about having a bigger baby (my largest was no 3 at 9lb 1oz). Big babies help themselves out and down the birth canal plus they have big stomachs and can go longer between feeds. The position of the baby and the position of the mother make more of a difference. Getting chucked off the computer by child ... to be continued ...

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