Monday, 22 March 2010

37 weeks!

Can't believe how time has flown. I haven't written as much in this blog as I thought I would. Found working and pregnant and four children very tiring. Then once I gave up work I have been extremely tired.

Now 37 weeks and all set up for the birth - well just about. Will trial the birth pool this week. Thought baby was coming at the weekend (think baby was just moving down and engaging) - and thought would just use the bath. I have borrowed a 'birth pool in a box' from the local homebirth group. I want to give it a good clean with milton - and I need to find some info about hoses. It has come with one but that might have been used for emptying - so I think I need a new one for filling, but I believe it can't be a garden one cos of the chemicals - will have to find out. I have remembered I also need to get a thermometer. I have not bought a new liner, but I do know the pool hasn't been used for almost two years - well not for actually giving birth in - it has been borrowed (but not for a year) and was put up but not used. It has been blown up for demonstrations at the home birth group and at my children's centre.

I have been listening to the natal hypnotherapy home birth CD which is wonderful (very similar to the classes I used to run for relaxation for pregnancy and birth. I am having mixed emotions - on the one hand I am getting very impatient to meet my new little one, but on the other hand I don't want to stop being pregnant - it is such a magical time - having a baby inside wriggling about. I guess this latter emotion is probably a sign that I am not going into labour any time soon as I am not fed up of being pregnant.

Anyway - a short little post of not much content. Will keep you posted how I am doing.

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