Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Birth pool trial run

Well - pool is blown up (hurrah for electric pumps) and punctures mended (not ones that would let water out but ones letting air out of bottom ring so deflating it. After some research it seemed the conclusion was that ordinary garden hose would be fine for filling - just to let water run through it for a few minutes first. I also bought a new tap connector as recommended. So everything putting the water in is new and clean. There is a separate hose for removing the water which connects to a submersible pump (like you would use in a garden pond). (NCT sells pack with all these bits in.) I half filled it and added Milton to give it a good clean. I added the sieve to clean that as well - although it is new, not been used before and I will throw it away after. The bath thermometre I bought from Mothercare doesn't work which is a real pain. I hope to get a kitchen thermometer from our local hardware shop before I go into labour.

I am going to fill the pool again today - this time to get in and enjoy. I will leave it filled for the boys to enjoy after school. With my last pregnancy I did that and it started labour off. I hope that doesn't happen this time because Jenny, one of my birth partners, has a 12 shift today and the earliest she could be here is 10pm. I sort of don't want baby to come tomorrow as it is April Fool's Day - but we will have to wait and see. No signs of anything imminent. I did think it was coming last Thursday but all went quiet.

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